Residential Demolition

Advanced Construction and Fitouts cover all aspects of demolition from internal strip outs to complete building demolition including site clearance to facilitate the construction of new buildings. At ACFL we provide detailed method statements & risk assessments at the start of the project which we revise throughout the project. ACFL can provide independent dilapidation surveys on neighbouring properties to our clients prior to commencement of demolition works and also insure that the maximum amount of materials are recycled in the most efficient manner possible.

Industrial Demolition

Asbestos & Hazardous Materials

Prior to strip out or demolition works commencing ACFL where necessary engage specialists to carry out a full survey of a property to identify any Asbestos or hazardous materials. If identified these materials must be disposed off in a controlled manner. All hazardous materials must be disposed off to a registered licensed location. ACFL can carry out inspections, reports, removal and certification of such materials.

Our services include:

  • Complete Building & structure demolition
  • Internal strip out or soft strip
  • Selected demolition
  • Temporary propping and weathering
  • Structural modifications
  • Concrete cutting coring
  • Breaking and removal of hard standings
  • Site clearance 
  • Vessel dismantling and disposal
  • Underpinning
  • Emergency response
  • Engineered structural modification, propping and supporting


New Builds

Building your own home will probably be the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. That is why it is important to choose a company with an outstanding reputation and commitment to client satisfaction. Advanced Construction and Fitouts specialise in all aspects of residential building. Combining our design expertise with quality workmanship, we guarantee stunning results of the highest standard. We offer energy conscious home owners advice across all areas of construction, home insulations & heating. The company’s range of services covers initial assessment and advice on the most practical and economical upgrades available, to completion of the necessary works and final certification.

At ACFL we provide our clients with a complete design and build service and manage the project from inception to completion working closely with our clients throughout the entire process. We pride ourselves on our unrivalled level of service and meticulous attention to detail. Over the years we have worked across a diverse range of projects and we bring this experience and expertise along to each job we undertake. We offer complete turnkey solutions and our skilled team consists of fully qualified and highly skilled tradesmen - we employ a talented and experienced team of all trades including brick layers, joiners, roofers, electricians and plumbers to ensure that your home is built to your unique specifications.

Have you ever wanted a bigger kitchen, an additional bedroom or office space? At ACFL we offer free, no obligation site surveys and consultations. We will inspect your home, we are happy to listen to your ideas, to discuss your options and to provide you with a detailed estimate and schedule of works. If you are considering building a new home, get in touch with us here. When you choose ACFL as your building contractor you can rest assured that your home will be built in the most efficient and cost effective manner.

SEAI Grants

Do you want a cosy home or to save up to 50% on heating costs? Do you want to do your bit in slowing climate change? The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland provide a variety of grants to assist towards the cost of insulation, home heating systems and controls for houses built prior to 2006. It is a good idea to take advantage of this benefit as soon as possible.

For a free survey on your property and information about how you could avail of grants for energy improvements, contact us today!


At Advanced Construction and Fitouts we take on any extension to provide a seamless service from its concept stage right through to completion and handover whether you wish to add a single or two storey extension to your home, a conservatory, sunroom, garage or attic, or even extend your basement.

Are you aware that

  • Planning permission is not required for an extension less than 40m2 (430 sqft) to the rear of your property
  • An extension can add 25% to the value of your property
  • An attic conversion can add 15% to the value of your property

ACFL can advise you and answer questions that you may not have thought of asking. For example:

  • Do I need to use insulation? If yes, what type?
  • Do I need a structural survey / design for attic conversions?
  • What finish will I use to tie in exterior with the existing house and the environment?
  • Do I need to carry out a dilapidation survey on neighbouring properties?

There are many factor to consider when building and extension to your house with cost being one of the main factor. At ACFL we can provide you with a free no obligation consultation on the cost of your house extension. Contact us today.


Industrial Dust Extractor

Advanced Construction and Fitouts Limited has a proven and unblemished record on the provision of a superior construction service within the industrial sector. ACFL has acted as Main Contractor, Health & Safety and PSCS on a number of projects of all complexities. The company is experienced in the construction of various types of industrial buildings ranging from light industrial to heavy industrial units whether it be a retail, pharmaceutical or a manufacturing facility. ACFL’s portfolio of industrial clients include Ferrovial Ireland, Arzyta Foods, Rentokil, PRL Group to name but a few.

ACFL has acted as Main Contractor for Mondelez Ireland on a number of projects and works repeatedly within many of their facilities in Dublin and the surrounding areas including in the Cadburys Coolock and Tallaght facilities. As Main Contractor ACFL project managed the closure of the Cadbury Tallaght facility. The complexities of this project involved overseeing the removal of processing equipment for delivery to other manufacturing facilities within Europe and the reinstatement of the plant to its original condition for the new owners.
Whatever the form of procurement, ACFL pride itself on working with its clients and designers to deliver exactly to the clients requirements on every project. Specialist staff, a direct management style and a unique approach to client needs is the key to ACFL’s continuing success in this area.


Advanced Construction and Fitouts offer complete construction services to commercial clients having gained invaluable experience over the years. The company has a proven record with extensive experience in fit-outs, alterations and refurbishments both in but not limited to office, retail, pharmaceutical, and leisure areas. We use only the highest skilled tradesmen and quality materials to deliver exceptional results on each and every project. We have completed projects of varying sizes and complexities and we always endeavour to deliver on the client’s specific requests regardless of any challenges encountered therein.

Commercial projects can be very demanding in terms of budgets, deadlines and the level of quality required by the client. At ACFL we commit to delivering all projects within budget to the highest quality and on time.

Designed by award
winning architects Box Urban’ -



Office fit-out (before)

Office fit-out (after)

At Advanced Construction and Fitouts we specialise in turnkey commercial and industrial fit-outs and refurbishments. The team of professionals engaged by ACFL has gained a wide range of experience in the fit-out market within the commercial and industrial sectors both in Dublin and in the surrounding areas. Our years of experience enable us to work efficiently and to maximise space efficiency. Our fit-out and refurbishment services are individually tailored to suit each client’s specific needs. The services provided include but are not limited to:

   Commercial Design




  Sound proofing

  Protection Shutters

  Design & Renovation



  Interior wall protection

  Insulation experts

  Protection barriers


  Mezzanine floors

  Specialist Ceilings

  Racking & Shelving

  Fire Stopping


At ACFL we take care of all aspects of the refurbishment from construction to electrical and mechanical services. Our team is professional, creative and efficient and all projects are completed on time and within our agreed budget. The team is experienced in minimising disruption to the client and their adjoining businesses while working within an environment where the daily operations of the client and adjoining business must be considered. As a result of the good working relationship enjoyed between ACFL, the client and the adjoining businesses our clients have no hesitation in engaging ACFL on subsequent projects.

If you are considering a fit-out, renovation or refurbishment and are looking for a top quality, cost effective service, contact us for a free estimate.

Joinery Services


Bespoke partition doors (closed)

Bespoke partition doors (open)

Advanced Construction and Fitouts specialises in both standard and nonstandard joinery, fitted furniture, reception counters and shop fit-outs. At ACFL we manufacture custom and bespoke joinery products in-house in our own fully fitted out workshop for commercial, residential and industrial customers throughout Ireland. We combine traditional craftsmanship with the most modern design and planning systems to offer a complete design, manufacture and installation service. Our craftsmen are proficient in traditional woodworking skills and have in-depth knowledge of the characteristics and uses of many hardwoods and softwoods. Our products include everything from furniture, stairs, timber windows & doors, to bars, reception areas, garages, gates etc.


Roof Maintenance

Advanced Construction and Fitouts provides complete maintenance solutions to both the Commercial/Industrial and Domestic markets. At ACFL we offer a 24 hour property maintenance service including repairs and construction services to commercial/industrial businesses, property management companies, receivers, estate agents, private companies, etc. who own, manage or occupy all types’ of residential and commercial property. Our maintenance and small works division employs a highly skilled and mobile workforce who has expanded the company’s reputation as a result of it efficient and reactive response to scheduled and unscheduled call-outs.

At ACFL we maintain a selection of properties in Dublin and the surrounding areas. Our portfolio includes clients for whom the company has previously delivered on contracted works in both the commercial and industrial sectors. We understand our clients requirements and respond to minimise down time. We carry out on-site investigations and reports, we advise on that best way to repair and resolve property related issues and we provide cost effective solutions where feasible.

Project Management

At Advanced Construction and Fitous our PSCS endeavours to provide a Project Management service to our clients that will ensure the project is managed from initial design stage to hand over to the client in an efficient and professional manner. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge in project managing construction projects both in the Commercial/Industrial sector and the Residential sector. We have managed a number of high profile projects where achieving programme dates are paramount. At ACFL we project manage with longevity, sustainability, accessibility and above all, maintainability in mind from the outset. By using this thought process, the client gets a more tailored, fit for purpose product that will meet and exceed their expectation from the moment of handover.
Key activities include:

• Project initiation
• Appoint consultants/contractors
• Project programming
• Construction supervision
• Arrange Client direct orders
• Final certification on completion

Quantity Surveying

Advanced Construction and Fitouts Quantity Surveyors provide a full range of competitive quantity surveying, estimating and tendering services to clients, main contractors and sub-contractors. Quite often there is little design information available which requires the Quantity Surveyor to draw upon their detailed knowledge and experience of the construction industry. At ACFL, we have developed an extensive database of cost information which allows us to accurately advise clients at an early stage of the project. We are aware that early and accurate cost advice is key to ensuring that our clients are in a position to make informed investment decisions.
Contractors and Sub-Contractors can be provided with the complete range of services or alternatively be provided with some of the services as indicated below.
Quantity Surveying and Estimating services provided include:

• Estimating and Tendering
• Bill of Quantities
• Variations
• Valuations
• Final Accounts

Design & Build

Advanced Construction and Fitouts provides a complete design and build service. From small home improvements to large-scale construction projects, we have done it all. Whether you are looking for a residential or commercial construction, a kitchen or bathroom renovation, outdoor improvements or landscape design our creative and award winning design team can help to make your vision a reality. At ACFL we have our own designers and architects, or we can work with the professionals of your choice to assist you with formulating the perfect design for your project. Even the smallest project benefits from a quality design that identifies each aspect of the job and clearly defines the materials, cost, and schedule. We understand the language of construction design and that translates into superior quality work for you at the best possible value. Under the design and build process the design and construction of a project is carefully managed and completed by ACFL.

There are many benefits to going down the design and build route. A working relationship is already established between the designer and the building team on the project. There is a one point of contact established in terms of responsibility therefore minimising risk on behalf of the client. By embracing our design and build service in conjunction with our project management and quantity surveying service ACFL can offer a wealth of cost effective advice and peace of mind to our clients on all projects.

What to know before getting started:

• Tips & trends in the design-build industry
• Learn how to choose the right contractor
• Get advice from our professionals
• View sample projects and case studies
• Check out the latest construction apps